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There are two main types of radiator cooling fans: push and pull. A pull fan tugs air in and around your car's engine bay from the back of the radiator. Spal pusher fans mount in the front of the radiator and push air over it and into the engine compartment. The main objective is keeping the radiator at a manageable temperature. Spal pusher fans operate at high rates of CFM (cubic feet per minute) to encourage more fresh air flow that keeps your radiator cool. While you can find some drivers using them on contemporary models, Spal pusher fans are most widely used on older performance cars.

Most often, a driver will need a radiator cooling fan when they are traveling at cruising speeds in a car that hosts a high performance engine. In some cars, as soon as the temperature exceeds 190F the heat becomes too much and the radiator begins to function erratically. The proper usage of a Spal USA push fan helps maintain a more agreeable temperature consistently. This is especially important in the summer months. If a radiator fails because the car is overheating due to both performance and external temps, air conditioning fails, also. Spal USA push fans bring high temperatures back down in a hurry so you can enjoy cooler air in both the cabin and the engine bay.

Because moisture, dust, and debris can harm engine components, it is important that your radiator cooling fan is protected. If your fan becomes damaged while driving, your car may overheat. This is not an issue with Spal USA push fans. The motor is housed and capped, so its wiring is not exposed. It is also water and liquid-proof. When you add engine coolant, oil, or transmission fluid, you will not have to worry about the substance spilling and ruining your car fan's motor.

There are many different sizes of radiator cooling fans ranging from 5.6" all the way up to 16". It is suggested to measure your clearance area before ordering. If you order a high performance fan that is too big, it is better to switch it out for a smaller one than attempt installing it. Doing so could damage the product and disrupt radiator components.

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