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As temperatures rise, a race cooling fan is an important item to have. The engine in a competition car is constantly being cranked up. The more heat the engine expresses, the more the radiator has to work. Bolting in a race cooling fan is the answer for drivers who need to maintain a reasonable temp in the engine bay to reach the checkered flag. Spal USA offers a complete line of electric racing fans for a variety of applications.

Under the car's hood is the place that generates the most heat. On the race track, too much heat is the enemy. Crew chiefs use race cooling fans from Spal because they are the most versatile. They can be installed in key locations without disrupting other components. Spal performance fans are specifically designed to present a slim shape so there are no clearance issues. This comes in handy for extra tight fits in back of the car radiator or oil cooling system. If you need to mount a Spal performance fan but cannot find suitable anchor points with brackets, you can instead use straps that reach further in any direction.

Some stock car competitors use bracket straps because they need to make extra room inside the extra compartment. If the gap between the radiator shroud and the engine block is too tight, attaching a Spal performance fan to a bracket strap will allow the mechanic to install it without causing a disturbance. This is a common occurrence because racecar drivers typically host a lot of components in the engine compartment.

One of the most common uses of Spal performance fans is to cool oil. If a driver is not downshifting with the engine in top gear, it is using (and burning oil) at a high rate. When a car is armed with an oil cooling fan that engine oil is going to maintain a smooth consistency as it breaks down. For professional distance races, it makes a big difference. These drivers experience less engine problems when their car has an oil cooling fan. Because of the Spal design, most do not require a relocation unit. If clearance is adequate, you can mount an oil cooling fan right next to the unit without needing straps.

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