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Spal Relay Harness

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Before you install your Spal fan, you are going to first need to acquire the appropriate pieces. The most important, of, course, is the relay harness kit. Some drivers attempt to put their Spal fans in using their own makeshift wiring setups, and often, this leads to blown fuses and shorts. That is because the wiring is not made to accommodate the OEM wires. The relay harness kit you get from Spal is designed specifically for your fan so that the wire integration is smooth and enduring.

There are different types of radiator wiring kits. You can have one with or without the thermo switch. The thermo switch kit is used to either turn the Spal fan on and off or to control the temperature in which it does so. Choosing your relay harness kit is dependent on the type of fan, the size, and the radiator wiring components. Whichever kit you choose, there is no need to purchase additional wires or modify their placement. The relay is 10/40 amp and includes 3/8" NPT (National Pipe Thread) printed wires. NPT means the threading is tapered to help them pull snugger. Also, having printed wires makes installation a lot easier, since you can quickly discern where they go.

After you have received your Spal fans and the appropriate car wiring harness, you are ready to conduct the installation. If it is a push fan and you are installing the fan in front of the radiator, you may want to scout the area first. Remember, for some vehicles you have to account for the clearance of both the fans and the wires, also. The same thing is true for pull fans that install in back of the radiator. The Spal relay harness will connect perfectly to the fan, you should not have to trim any wiring or add extra wires.

You will have to purchase your Spal relay harness separately from the fan. The reason they do not come with the fan is because they are not a universal part. Plus, not every driver has the same needs. Some will go for the thermo switch while others may not. If you would like to learn more about Spal relay harness kits, click on the Shop Now button today to get started.

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