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SPAL Remote Transmitter

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You can use a Spal remote transmitter for a variety of applications. The objective is to be able to operate a shaved door kit or other accessories using a Spal relay harness. You can program multiple functions in your car to work just by clicking your remote entry fob. Many drivers who own vehicles with manual doors or do not have remote capability prefer this customization. That is because a Spal remote transmitter can be employed to open up cars with shaved door handles automatically when relayed through solenoids. Solenoids are placed at each door, and they perform the physical task of pushing a door open when signaled by the fob.

When you remove your car door handles, you need an alternative method to open them. Installing solenoids that are relayed to a Spal remote transmitter is a convenient way to install automatic doors. In order to make this modification, you will need the remote entry fobs and a 7-channel receiver. One of its primary features is versatility. Using the receiver, you have 7 different functions that can be operated using a Spal car remote. There are 4 primary buttons intended for singular operations.

The Spal car remote is intended to be user-friendly. If you are using it to automatically open up a car with four doors, all it takes is pressing the corresponding button on the remote entry fob. However, when it comes to additional functions you will have to use button combinations. For instance, if you own a vehicle with four doors but installed a solenoid in the trunk with its own relay, you would press buttons 1 and 2 together to signal the 5th channel. There is a button map that comes with every car wiring kit so you know in advance what to press on the Spal car remote and how you want to locate the relays.

Spal designs all of their electronics to not only be applicable in an automotive setting, but also easy to install. The wires are printed and with every Spal car remote you receive full directions on how to place your relays and solenoids (for shaved door kits).

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