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Spal is known throughout the world for their replacement cooling fans. A lot of people assume that Spal products are made just for personal automotive use, but that is not the case. Their line of replacement cooling fans can be found in commercial and industrial applications, as well. Spal fans have been used in many different industries. Farmers install replacement cooling fans in tractors to keep the motor temp down when plowing fields in the summer. IT professionals also employ them to manage temperatures inside server rooms and for software storage.

While there are a lot of different ways a Spal USA pull fan is valuable, the auto industry is where it is most prevalent. Part of that is due to history. Spal has been putting fans in cars for over 50 years, so the company is synonymous with the automotive world. Another reason why is because of effectiveness. Spal USA pull fans come in many different sizes and blade types, making them ideal for a wide range of vehicle preferences. They can be installed to cool down a radiator, turbo intercooler, oil cooler, and more. Some drivers will use a Spal USA pull fan to keep trans lines from heating up.

Another popular trait is their maneuverability. Since there are different sizes, you can customize where you want to put them. Spal USA pull fans come in diameters as small as 6.5" to provide a compact unit that fits anywhere near your engine cooling system. Conversely, you can also go much bigger. For drivers who require heavy-duty cooling for performance, Spal car fans can be obtained in 12", 14", and even 16" diameters. Of course, there are also different blade styles. The blades are responsible for the way the air is moved. Straight blades are intended for a powerful, direct breeze while curved blades are for both performance and quiet efficiency.

If you are interested in purchasing a Spal car fan but would like to use it for a non-automotive purpose you may do so, but it is how you choose to install it that can be tricky. Spal switch kits and relay harnesses are designed to use an automobile's 12 volt system. It is not recommended to use an electric automotive fan unless you are going to use the Spal wiring kit with an appropriate power source.

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