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SPAL S Blades

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Car owners install Spal S fans to keep the temperature in the engine bay under control. Whether you drive a high performance automobile or just an everyday car, everyone has dealt with overheating. It is always important to keep engine parts cool. Spal S fans are designed to move air through the engine compartment without making too much noise. They can be turned on and off with a remote or employ a sensor that does so automatically. As long as you are interested in maintaining overall performance health, a Spal S fan offers the convenience and results you are looking for.

The most telling trait is the shape of the blade. Unlike typical automotive or ceiling fans, Spal blades are curved to resemble the letter S. This shape is not for show as it has a specific purpose. Straight blades will push (or pull) air directly, knifing it to create movement. This also creates noise. Spal S fans use curved blades, which displace the air without cutting it. The familiar whir you hear from straight propellers is not present, making the fan much quieter. If the fan is turned on while the engine is idling or even off, the rotation of Spal S blades is discreet compared to their straight counterparts.

A quiet curved blade fan is desirable for many drivers. When propellers are incessantly whirring, it can be hard to have conversation or hear the radio. Straight blades were the first type used in aftermarket car fans and noise was usually a chief complaint. The development of Spal S fans gives drivers cabin peace that was unavailable decades prior.

It is important to make sure you have adequate clearance for where you plan on using your Spal S blades. It should not be an issue for most cars because there are curved blade fans with low profile dimensions. The first step is measuring and locating where the curved blade fan will go. When you do this, you have to account for the fan shroud and its relative distance to the car cooling system you are placing it near. After that you should identify the mounting points and determine which relay harness you will need.

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