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SPAL Intercooler Fans

SPAL Intercooler Fans

SPAL fans are small, but powerful enough to keep your intercooler cool during hot months and times where you need it the most. SPAL intercooler fans can be mounted literally anywhere you want, as they are small enough for the smallest of locations. SPAL medium profile fans or SPAL small profile fans are perfect to fit in the engine bay of any vehicle.

SPAL cooling fans are needed for your automotive intercooler to keep heat soak to a minimum and maximize performance. The job of the intercooler is to dissipate heat, but it cannot function as well during extreme temperatures or when the vehicle is running a large amount of boost. Turbo chargers and some superchargers will greatly benefit from SPAL cooling fans.

SPAL fans will also give your engine a boost in power since it can keep your intercooler down in temperature. When the intercooler reaches a high temperature, it cannot cool the air that is flowing through to supply the engine. Automotive engines work better when they are fed cooler air. More air and fuel will be combusted when it receives cooler air.

SPAL high performance fans supply even more air than their smaller cooling fans. They have an encased motor to prevent any water or dirt from damaging it. Intercooler fans are for users who really want to pull every bit of power out of their forced induction system since forced induction kits are the number one way of greatly increasing horsepower.