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SPAL Axial Fans

SPAL Axial Fans

SPAL axial fans are the most common cooling fans used for many different applications including computer fans, automotive fans and ceiling fans. Axial flow fans use blades that move air parallel to the shaft on which it rotates. SPAL axial fans blow air along the axis of the fan, which is how the cooling fan got its name. These types of cooling fans come in many different sizes from small to industrial size and are the most used style of cooling fans for any application.

Automotive cooling fans serve a variety of purposes for the engine and other various moving components. The axial style fan is the easiest and most versatile to use for automotive purposes. They can be mounted anywhere and provide the greatest flow of air. SPAL cooling fans make great engine cooling fans, oil coolers and intercooler fans for those with high performance engines. Not only have they perfected cooling fans, but they also produce power window kits and power locks kit to accommodate your vehicle.

Axial style cooling fans are also very thin and can fit anywhere. The versatility they have is what makes them the most attractive out of all the cooling fans available. SPAL axial fans are offered in small profile and medium profile to accommodate areas around the engine where space is a concern. The smaller cooling fans make great oil coolers because the engine oil does not need a giant fan to maintain a cool temperature. Space is also a concern in this area, so the smaller the better.

Whether you drive a high performance race vehicle, or an average car to get you to and from work, SPAL fans are the best replacement cooling fans. They include an incased motor which protect itself from dirt and water so you do not have to worry about failure. SPAL axial fans also provide your vehicle with more air then other models. You can purchase them either for your specific vehicle, or as a universal fan for custom applications.

Axial fans are also perfect for keeping your computer cool. If you use your computer for extended periods of time, it heats up and needs a fan to keep it cool. The computer parts will overheat if they are not kept to a certain temperature. SPAL cooling fans are available in extremely small sizes so you can use them to your advantage. They make perfect computer cooling fans because of their high speeds and quality design.

SPAL axial fans make great tables fans as well. They can be set anywhere on a flat surface to provide cooling for when it is extremely hot outside. SPAL cooling fans are very quiet and do not vibrate like other cooling fans. The blades are balanced to ensure they provide a smooth and steady air flow. These types of cooling fans are found in households and are also mounted on stands to provide air flow for elevated areas. Your ceiling fan is also an axial style fan. Although it is not encased, they are still considered axial because of the way they distribute the air.

Axial fans are also great because of their air flow and how well they distribute the air. There is a more open flow of air as oppose to centrifugal fans or a crossflow fan. The rotating blades can cool down a very large object, and can also be used as a pair for even more air flow. Most automotive engines use two fans, in which one is used for the AC condenser and the other for the radiator.

SPAL fans last longer and are more affordable than other comparable cooling fans. They are designed to offer long life for either your automotive, household or computer. It is very hard to find quality items these days, especially at affordable prices. The versatility of these fans is also unmatched as they can be mounted literally anywhere. SPAL accessories are also great components that will work with any of their fans. You can choose from relays and harnesses to mounting feet in which the fans can be mounted.