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SPAL Computer Fans

SPAL Computer Fans

SPAL computer fans keep your computer electronics cool so you can keep working or playing your game with friends. Their cooling fans are offered in various sizes from very small to large to accommodate the inside of your computer tower or your desktop to keep the temperature down. SPAL fans are designed to pull in cool air from the outside and expel warm air from the inside. Their versatility allows them to be used where the owner wants.

Computer fans are needed to regulate the temperature inside of the case. Components like processors, graphics cards, RAM and other components cannot dissipate heat and need to be cooled, otherwise they will overheat. These electrical components will then malfunction causing instability or failure if the temperature is not regulated. SPAL cooling fans are used throughout the inside of a computer case, and sometimes up to five will be used, depending on the speed and capacity of the computer's internals.

SPAL axial fans are the most common computer cooling fans due to how well they provide air. They are extremely quiet and you will not even notice them while on your computer. SPAL cooling fans are balanced to maintain their even air flow and have an encased motor to prevent dust from damaging it.

Other computer components that may need cooling are the PCI slot, hard disk drive, CD burners, and the computer's memory. Each electronic component needs to be cooled; otherwise it will lead to premature failure. The fans kick on when the temperature has reached a certain limit.