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SPAL Electronics

SPAL Electronics

SPAL electronics are designed to enhance your vehicle by adding power windows, power locks and other 12 volt vehicle accessories. Aside from electric cooling fans, SPAL USA designs and manufactures quality accessories for cars, trucks and SUVs. These automotive accessories take your vehicle from being plain to adding some much needed personality. Older vehicles that are not equipped with power windows or doors can benefit from any of the SPAL accessories.

Automotive power door locks used to be a vehicle option, which added more money to the price tag. Nowadays, nearly every automotive comes equipped with power door locks, which are very convenient. If your older vehicle does not have power door locks, the SPAL door lock kit can solve this problem for you. It is very easy to install and relatively inexpensive. When you have the door lock kit installed, you can wire up the switch and mount it wherever you would like. This will save you from unlocking each car door separately.

Power windows were also a factory option in the early days. SPAL power window kit will provide your ancient vehicle with modern technology so you can get rid of that manual crank handle. Having power windows also helps during sudden storms in which you need to roll up your window very fast. Instead of cranking the handle over and over, you can simply touch the switch to power it up.

The SPAL shaved door kit is a vehicle accessory that uses solenoids and a remote to pop open your car doors. This is more for show cars, but can also be used on literally any vehicle. This universal automotive accessory allows the user to never grab the door handle again. They can be removed and filled in with body filler to make a show car look.