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SPAL Engine Cooling Fans

SPAL Engine Cooling Fans

Engine cooling fans are essential in the cooling system for any car, truck or SUV. When the car idles for a while in traffic, the engine becomes very hot from all of its moving parts. This also happens at low speeds and during hot summer months. SPAL cooling fans are there to aid your engine in the cooling process. SPAL electric fans can either be used in your current fan shroud or be custom mounted anywhere you would like.

Electric radiator fans are much better than engine-driven fans because they do not use any of the engine's horsepower. SPAL cooling fans are solely ran off of 12 volts in which the vehicle supplies. The power that the fan motor draws is a minimal amount that the alternator can handle just fine.

The fan shroud on engine fans helps with the incoming air flow and directs it straight into the engine bay. If there was no fan shroud, the engine would not cool down as fast and you would be sacrificing power with the possibility of overheating. The job of the cooling fans is to cool your engine, radiator and AC condenser. The radiator and AC condenser are heat exchangers that transport fluid which must be cooled.

SPAL fans are designed to be either push style fans or pull style fans, depending on your application. Choosing the right one is the only way to get the most cooling for your engine. Making sure the connections are right is crucial as well and if you were to reverse the polarities, it would run backwards and prevent air from coming inn.