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Engine-Driven Cooling Fans vs. Electric Cooling Fans

Engine-Driven Cooling Fans vs. Electric Cooling Fans

Your vehicle is either equipped with electric cooling fans or engine-driven cooling fans. Rear wheel drive cars typically use engine-driven fans while most other vehicles use electric cooling fans. SPAL fans are the best engine cooling fans that money can buy. Their quality outlasts any other aftermarket cooling fan and they are also cheaper than OEM cooling fans.

Electric fans are run off the vehicle's 12 volt system, which are controlled by a thermostat. The thermostat regulates when the engine cooling fans turn on and off by a preset that is used by the temperature sensor. SPAL fans will work in your current engine shroud or can be wired into the OEM wiring through their SPAL wiring harness for quick installation. Electric fans also use a shroud to direct air flow and are used as either pusher fans or puller fans.

Engine-drive cooling fans run off the engine and only spin when the engine is running. Some of these types of automotive cooling fans run at the same rate as the engine, while others use a clutch that stop the fan when it reaches a certain RPM. When it stops, this means that the engine has gone past a certain speed and the fan is not needed because there is enough air passing over the radiator.

SPAL cooling fans can be used as standalone or inside a shroud to improve air flow. They are used as radiator fans, AC condenser fans, intercooler fans and oil cooler fans since they are produced in a wide range of sizes from small to large.