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SPAL Extreme Performance Cooling Fans

SPAL Extreme Performance Cooling Fans

SPAL extreme performance cooling fans are not for the faint of heart. These extreme performance cooling fans are geared towards racing vehicles only and are not for vehicles that drive every day. Racing vehicles need a burst of cool air to aid in keeping the engine temperature down. These SPAL cooling fans do it better than any other racing cooling fan. Normal cooling fans do not deliver quick enough cooling for these racing vehicles.

High performance vehicles that have burst of high speeds need SPAL cooling fans due to their ability to regulate engine temperature so it does not overheat. When the engine becomes too hot, it will lack performance and the vehicle will lose power. This can be very costly in a high speed race and the owner would lose some valuable time. SPAL radiator fans are more efficient and powerful than other automotive cooling fans.

These engine cooling fans are not ideal for any applications that require constant cooling for more than 60 minutes. These cooling fans cannot withstand constant cooling over long period of time which is why they are perfect for extreme performance racing vehicles. Once they have reached their maximum operating level, the fans will shut off and the engine would end up overheating.

The extreme performance SPAL fans also do not have an encased motor, in which dirt and debris can damage the motor and affect its performance. This is also why it should only be used on applications where there is minimal dirt and dust and the vehicle is not driven for very long.