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SPAL Fan Clutch

SPAL Fan Clutch

Fan clutches are most commonly found in trucks, SUVs and some rear-wheel drive cars. This is because the engine is mounted side to side instead of front to back. A SPAL fan clutch will replace your current fan clutch and keep your engine cooler than it ever was. Automotive fan clutch is a mechanically-driven cooling fan, unlike that of an electronically cooled fan, which is found in most cars.

The engine fan clutch cools down the engine when the vehicle is idle or it is operating at high speeds. SPAL cooling fans are the best automotive cooling fans that money can buy. You can rely on their durability and long life to ensure that your engine receives the best cooling possible.

The fan clutch can and will overheat at idle or sitting in heavy traffic. They are just like any other auto parts on your vehicle and are not made to last forever. SPAL cooling fans last longer than your OEM clutch fan as well. They are balanced and true before they ever leave the facility to ensure you are getting the best cooling fan for your application.

SPAL fans are versatile as well and will fit many fan shrouds. They are available in small sizes as well as large sizes to accommodate large engines like V8s. The clutch fan is an integral part of your engine cooling system and should not be overlooked. The last thing you want is an engine that has overheated and needs major repairs.