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SPAL High Performance Cooling Fans

SPAL High Performance Cooling Fans

SPAL high performance cooling fans can be used for a number of applications and will provide superior cooling with increased lifetime. SPAL cooling fans can be used for intercoolers, radiators and AC condensers. They can also be used as oil coolers for some high performance vehicles. The high performance cooling fans are also used in pairs to create even more cooling for the application.

The SPAL cooling fans are designed for industrial and off-road applications that are consistent with high speed race vehicles. Their cooling fans will provide cooling for a longer time than their extreme performance cooling fans, but should not be used on every day vehicles.

Vehicles with large V8 engines need more air to cool them and SPAL fans deliver more air than any other. They come in various sizes from small to larger to fit any engine bay. Not only are they radiator cooling fans, but they can be used as intercooler fans and oil cooler as well. Intercoolers heat up very quickly and need to be cooled to maintain the operating temperature, just like the engine.

Using these cooling fans as oil cooler will keep your oil temperature down while driving at high speeds. When oil heats up, it cannot flow as fast as it would under normal temperatures. Lower oil temperatures also extend the life of the engine .When oil becomes too hot it starts to break down and cannot dissipate the engine's oil fast enough. SPAL fans are small enough to fit anywhere in the engine bay.