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SPAL Low Profile Cooling Fans

SPAL Low Profile Cooling Fans

SPAL low profile cooling fans are small cooling fans that are perfect as oil coolers and motorcycle and ATV applications. SPAL fans can also be used where there is limited space. They are about 9 inches in diameter and offer very good cooling capabilities. SPAL cooling fans have an encased motor that prevents it from being consumed by dirt and water.

Motorcycle engines need cooling just like automotive engines do. There is no better cooling fan than this small one from SPAL. They can be fitted anywhere the owner wants for custom mounting purpose and will never fail from water or dust. They will also last longer than any other motorcycle cooling fan. Motorcycle engines are not as big as other engines, which is why the smaller cooling fan will do just the trick.

These SPAL fans also have different types of blades to choose from including straight and paddle. No matter what type of blade style you choose, each fan will still deliver maximum air flow for your engine. SPAL cooling fans also look great when installed on your bike. They are made of durable materials that will not corrode from everyday driving or inclement weather.

SPAL motorcycle fans are also balanced to ensure they maintain a steady flow of air. When a cooling fan is unbalanced, it will cause vibrations and deliver a sporadic flow of air, which is not optimal for the application. Each SPAL cooling fan provides a steady stream of air so each area of the application receives the same amount of cooling.