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SPAL Medium Profile Cooling Fans

SPAL Medium Profile Cooling Fans

SPAL medium profile cooling fans are thinner than most OEM radiator fans while still performing just as good, if not better. SPAL cooling fans can be used for your intercooler, radiator or AC condenser and are very appealing for their ability to be so versatile. SPAL fans can be custom mounted to your liking or they can be had in OEM replacement fans.

The SPAL fans provide every application with increased air flow and will allow the engine to last longer. A cooler engine will always operate more efficiently than an overheated engine. The radiator is an essential auto part that aides in the cooling of the internal engine parts. If the radiator is not cool, it cannot dissipate heat and the engine will overheat. SPAL cooling fans keep the radiator cool so it can provide quality cooling.

These can also be used as AC condenser fans as well. You can used a pair of these cooling fans and put them in your fan shroud while still maintaining clearance and increased air flow. The medium profile design allows them to be installed in areas larger fans cannot. The fans can also double as intercooler fans.

SPAL automotive fans are extremely quiet with long life and vibrations are kept to a minimum. You can also select the cooling fan as a push or pull type. Each fan will give you a different type of air flow depending on where it is being installed in your application.