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SPAL Mounting Brackets

SPAL Mounting Brackets

SPAL mounting brackets are the only accessories that will make installation of your SPAL cooling fans possible. The mounting brackets are needed for any SPAL fan that is not going into your OEM fan shroud. Since SPAL cooling fans are so universal, they can be used on anything like oil coolers and intercoolers, but of course you need a way of making this possible, and that is what these brackets are for.

SPAL mounting brackets are available in mounting feet, mounting straps and mounting gaskets. The SPAL mounting feet secure your SPAL fan to whatever the application is. A few nuts and bolts and the feet will hold the fan to the specific part. If the feet are not enough, then the SPAL fan bracket and strap kit would do you even better. This electric fan mounting kit uses mounting feet and straps to secure the SPAL cooling fan to the heat exchanger.

Using the SPAL mounting gasket will give your cooling fan a little more clearance from the core of the application. The gasket is perfect for 16 inch fans that are mounted as push style fans. The extra space gives the fan a little more room to work with so it can cool the entire area of the heat exchanger. The rubber gasket for your SPAL cooling fans will also deflect any vibrations that may occur during operation.

Using the available mounting brackets, you will be able to mount your SPAL cooling fans literally anywhere. You will not have to worry about creating custom brackets that you will spend countless hours on, only to realize they do not even work.