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SPAL OEM Cooling Fans

SPAL OEM Cooling Fans

SPAL USA designs the quietest OEM replacement cooling fans for your car, truck or SUV. They are made from durable materials that directly replace your current engine cooling fans. SPAL fans are built to the exact measurements, while offering more air flow for better engine cooling. Your vehicle will be able to run more efficiently when you upgrade to a SPAL fan.

SPAL cooling fans are axial fans that deliver superior air flow to keep your engines, radiators, or oil pans cool. SPAL automotive designs their cooling fans for both OEM applications and aftermarket applications where versatility is necessary. Their OEM cooling fans are vehicle specific and drop right in place for a direct and tight fit. They are also available in either push or pull style as well.

You cannot go wrong with SPAL fans due to their build quality and ability to last extremely long. Each motor is encased so protect it from water and dirt. If you need a custom shroud, SPAL USA can also make this possible and will lead you in the right direction.

If you feel your engine is not being cooled quickly enough, then you need to upgrade to a SPAL fan. They completely outperform your current automotive fan and last longer as well. You will not need to worry about hot days or operating the vehicle at high speeds because the SPAL cooling fan will take care of these worries. SPAL fans are extremely affordable and most times cost less than fans from your dealership.