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SPAL Power Window Kit

SPAL Power Window Kit

The SPAL power window kit adds power windows to your vehicle that does not have power windows. Manual windows utilize a crank that must be used in order to roll the window up or down. Vehicles these days all come equipped with power windows, but the older ones came with manual windows. The SPAL power window kits are completely universal and can be added to any car, truck or SUV.

The SPAL deluxe power window kit is extremely quite just like you would find on any car that has power windows from the factory. The power window kit can also power up and down any window, heavy or light. You can use any type of window switch you want as well since these power window kits are so versatile.

There is nothing worse than cranking up your manual windows during a rain storm. Trying to get the window up quick enough can be hard and you run the risk of breaking the handle. SPAL power window kits roll up the window in just a few seconds to keep you from getting wet. They are available for both front and rear doors. If you just want yourself to have the luxury of power windows, than you can install the kit on just the front doors.

To make things even better, SPAL switch kits are illuminated to pair with your power window kit and make seeing in the dark easier. The power window switch kits come with different style switches and all sorts of wiring to fit your needs.