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SPAL Pusher Cooling Fans vs. Puller Cooling Fans

Pusher Cooling Fans vs. Puller Cooling Fans

Automotive cooling fans are either pusher style fans or puller style fans and this is based on where they are installed. Pusher cooling fans are located in front of the engine radiator, while puller style fans are located behind the radiator, but before the engine. They each use different style blades which are specific to the kind of cooling fan that they are. SPAL cooling fans are designed in both styles to accommodate any vehicle looking for superior electric cooling fans for their application.

Pusher style fans are push the incoming air over the radiator to cool the engine and puller style fans pull in the air that is coming through. They each also use fan shrouds which helps direct the air flow into the engine so it is not blown all over the place. SPAL push fansand SPAL pull fans are more affordable than other engine cooling fans while lasting longer and providing the best air flow. They can also be custom mounted to any application like intercoolers and oil coolers.

SPAL fans are most commonly found in puller fans since they are the most used. Electric puller fans are the primary source of cooling for the engine. Pusher fans are usually used as an auxiliary cooling source along with a fan clutch. The key component in selecting the right size man is measuring the core of the application. The core size of your radiator, intercooler or oil cooler is the basis for which size electric fan you will need. Large SPAL cooling fans are perfect for high performance applications, while the smaller fans are great for small heat exchangers.