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SPAL Quality Cooling Fans

SPAL Quality Cooling Fans

SPAL quality cooling fans are cooling fans made for various applications, but are most used for automotive purposes like engine cooling and intercooler fans. SPAL fans are available in either push or pull type for your vehicle to accommodate radiator placement. Each SPAL fan comes with a 3 year warranty which will guarantee against any defects or other issues, not related to wear and tear. Choosing the right quality cooling fan is based on engine size and the mounting area that is available.

SPAL cooling fans are the best aftermarket fans available because they are waterproof and designed to run for years. SPAL USA designs a lot of other automotive accessories like power door lock kits and power window kits to go along with their quality fans. You may see other companies that sell products similar to SPAL. This is because they try to copy the design since the cooling fans work so well. They might look the same, but they do not perform at good as fans from SPAL.

Their quality fans spin faster and are more affordable than others as well. The automotive cooling fans will keep your engine at the best temperature possible during both low and high speeds. High performance vehicles and daily driven vehicles will benefit from SPAL automotive fans.

If you have a large engine, the biggest fan you can fit should be used. On most cars, a single 16 inch fan is more than enough, but engines like V8s should lean towards dual 11 or 12 inch cooling fans. If you are looking for quality with affordability, than SPAL automotive is your place to go.