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SPAL Racing Fans

SPAL Racing Fans

SPAL racing fans are the number one engine cooling fans for your high performance racing vehicle. SPAL cooling fans can be used for engine cooling, oil cooling or transmission cooling. The great thing about SPAL fans is the many different sizes they are available in. Every vehicle only has so much room to fit these cooling fans and the each owner wants the easiest installation possible. Their fans are either vehicle specific or universal so the user can use it wherever they need it.

Racing vehicles that operate at high speeds need more cooling than vehicles that drive under normal conditions. High performance vehicles have engines with extreme horsepower to conquer both the drag strip and race tracks. SPAL fans can be used to cool both the radiator and oil to keep temperatures down and allow the vehicle to use its full potential.

SPAL also offers accessories to go with your electric cooling fan which include foot mounts for the radiator and wiring harnesses to hook up your fan however you would like. They also offer temperature switches and relays that will make your installation much easier.

Oil cooling fans are needed on racing vehicles to keep the engine safe during high speeds. The faster the vehicle goes, the quicker the oil needs to flow to lubricate and protect various engine parts. When the oil becomes too hot, it cannot flow as fast and will inhibit the vehicle's performance ability. The motor in these automotive fans is also protected to avoid being damaged from dirt or water.