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SPAL Radiator Cooling Fans

SPAL Radiator Cooling Fans

Radiator cooling fans are an essential part of your automotive cooling system that keeps the temperature of your engine from becoming too hot. SPAL cooling fans are the best automotive cooling fans that provide more air flow for faster cooling. SPAL fans are mounted directly behind or in front of the radiator, depending on the application. The cooling fans also come in different sizes that will fit your current fan shroud with zero issues.

SPAL fans that are mounted in front of the engine radiator are called pusher fans, and fans that are mounted behind the radiator are called puller fans. SPAL cooling fans are offered in both styles to accommodate any vehicle. Pusher cooling fans push the air over the radiator into the engine bay, and puller fans pull in the air into the engine bay. Most vehicles use puller fans, but it is not uncommon to have a pusher fan.

The fan shroud helps with directing the flow of air to aid in cooling. If you need a fan shroud to work with your SPAL fan, they can custom make you a shroud to your specifications. This would be a good option if you are using a SPAL cooling fan for your intercooler or oil cooler.

Radiator fans are often used in pairs, which one of the fans is specific for the radiator and the other one is specific for the AC condenser. SPAL electric fans can be used for both applications and come in various sizes that will fit whatever it is you need. Their small cooling fans are great for cars and small heat exchangers, while their large cooling fans are great for high performance engines.