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SPAL Shaved Door Kit

SPAL Shaved Door Kit

The SPAL shaved door kit allows you to completely remove your door handles on the outside of your vehicle. This gives the car a much cleaner look for show purpose and can also make things easier getting in and out of the vehicle. The shaved door kit uses solenoids that pop open the door when you press the button on the key fob. SPAL shaved door kits are perfect for hot rods and show cars who want that overall clean look.

The SPAL Shaved-40 kit comes with two 40lb solenoids that will literally pop open any door. Instead of grabbing the door handle every time, which scratches and damages the paint, just press the button on your keyless remote and the doors will pop open. This can also be handy if you do not have your hands available to pull the door handle.

The shaved door handle kit is completely universal and can be used on any vehicle. It is also very easy to install, with some minor cutting required. This custom shaved door handle kit completely eliminates the use for your door handle. Most owners remove their handle and have some body work done to the area to make it smooth. This look is often found on street classics and hot rods.

SPAL shaved door kits come with all required hardware to make installation easy. It only requires tapping into some wires and mounting the solenoids. The SPAL shaved door kit is a neat feature to have on just about any vehicle, and it gives the car a "wow" factor.