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SPAL Straight Blade Fans

SPAL Straight Blade Fans

SPAL straight blade fans are perfect for high performance engines that need superior cooling. These engines operate at high speeds and only for short periods. SPAL cooling fans will give the engine that quick burst of air flow so it can be cooled immediately. As soon as the engine's thermostat reaches a certain temperature, the cooling fans will shoot air directly to the engine so it can still perform at its best.

Straight blades are thinner and spin faster than other blades, which is why they are used in bigger-sized fans. High performance fans must keep up with the demands of the engine. SPAL fans are selected based on your vehicle or can be used for any custom application like oil coolers and intercooler fans.

Depending on your application, SPAL fans are also offered in both push and pull style fans. Most vehicles today use pull style cooling fans, which are mounted behind the radiator to increase the overall air flow. Push style cooling fans are located in front of the radiator and push the air through. SPAL low profile fans are perfect for use a pull fans since they are slim and can fit easily between the engine and radiator.

High performance straight blade fans can also be a little noisier than your typical automotive cooling fans. However, many users are not worried about this since their engines will most likely over power this noise. Also, the noise is not that bothersome for just a few seconds down the drag strip.