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SPAL Transmission Cooler Fans

SPAL Transmission Cooler Fans

SPAL transmission cooler fans are perfect for keeping your transmission cool while operating at high speeds or high temperatures. The transmission is a vital part of your drivetrain and it would be very costly if you were to damage it. SPAL fans can be mounted anywhere you would like and you can use any and all SPAL accessories to add to it. Whether you have limited space or a large area to work with, SPAL cooling fans come in all sizes.

When transmission fluid heats up, it makes the vehicle shift harder and does not lubricate as well. The transmission cooler is a device that the fluid flows through to keep cool. Adding a SPAL cooling fan to the transmission cooler would keep these temperatures even lower. Hot days and hard driving puts added stress on the transmission fluid, and SPAL fans are the best at making sure your transmission lasts forever.

Transmission coolers with cooling fans are perfect for those vehicle equipped with supercharger or turbochargers in which the vehicle is sometimes abused and needs some protection. SPAL automotive fans come in small profile and medium profile to accommodate any area. Owners can easily wire the relay harness and a thermostat to trigger the fans whenever the temperature reaches a certain level.

Their automotive cooling fans last longer than any other fan out there. Axial fan motors can last up to 20,000 hours, depending on the fan and motor combination. Of course, larger motors pull more power, but your vehicle does a fine job with supplying that.