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SPAL Wiring Harness

SPAL Wiring Harness

The SPAL wiring harness will make your installation of SPAL fans that much easier. The wiring harness is a crucial part in getting it to work the way you want it to. Each vehicle or application is very different, so having versatility with the wiring harness of a huge plus. SPAL cooling fans can be ran off your current engine temperature sensor as well, which makes for even easier installation. Not only do they offer wiring harness, but they also specialize in other electronics like power door kits and power window kits.

The electric fan wiring harness is designed to be integrated into your existing cooling fan harness, which takes many of the headaches out of the installation. They come included with a 40 or 50 amp relay which will handle the power of any SPAL cooling fan.

Various adapters and connections are also included which other companies sometimes do not include and then you are stuck figuring out how you are going to connect everything. For even more control, you can use the SPAL fan controller with the SPAL wiring harness. This combination will allow you to set when you would like the fans to turn on and off.

The cooling fan wiring harness is constructed of heavy duty wires that will not corrode or short out from water and dirt. The wires can be ran anywhere in the engine bay and tucked away for a clean look. There is nothing more disturbing than a bunch of wires hanging around in the engine bay.