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SPAL Straight Fan

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You can use a Spal straight fan for a variety of motor vehicle applications. For years, car owners have been using aftermarket fans to supplement their cooling systems or as a replacement. Spal has always been the most popular brand and it has to do with their line of straight blade fans. A lot of drivers who run race cars and other high performance vehicles prefer Spal automotive accessories when it comes to their car cooling systems. Spal designs their straight blade fans to produce a high CFM (cubic feet per minute) and provide a slim profile so that mounting one in the engine compartment is not an issue.

There are several important ways drivers may use a Spal straight fan. One of the most common is for the radiator, since it is a unit that regulates temperature. If this area overheats it can spread to problems elsewhere. Installing a Spal straight fan in back of the radiator increases cooling airflow. Air is pulled from the back and directed at the radiator, cooling the hoses and letting fluid travel unimpeded. However, you can use a Spal pull fan in other locations. Plenty of crew chiefs will use one to moderate the temperature of the oil cooler. For cars with a turbo, a Spal pull fan can be employed to enforce temps around the intercooler, as well.

The type of power and sound are other traits you may be aware of. A straight blade fan cuts air as the blades rotate. It is a direct motion which moves the air in a relentless pattern. The noise is also very distinct. When a straight blade fan is blowing strong, it emits a whirring sound many are familiar with. Some drivers prefer more quiet, which is why they may choose a Spal pull fan with curved blades. Those fans give off much less volume and can hardly be heard if the motor is running. But for most who run racing models, the sound is not an issue. They do not mind of their radiator cooling fan is loud because their engines are constantly in 4th or 5th gear, so they cannot hear it anyway.

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