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You will need a Spal thermo switch to operate your electric fan. Temperatures inside the engine bay fluctuate according to several factors. Velocity, coolant levels, and weather all play a role. Some drivers can use a Spal thermo switch manually to turn their fan on, but they do not have to. It is not necessary because it has a built-in car heat sensor that will signal the fan relay harness. Once the temperature hits the Spal thermo switch preset, your fan will turn on automatically, saving you time and letting you focus on the road.

Depending on the model you drive, engine components, and your driving style, you have two different presets to choose from. Spal switch kits come in either 185 or 195 degrees Fahrenheit. Just as there are two preset temp options, there are different reasons why a driver may choose one over the other. A car owner who does not have additional engine upgrades and extra components may go with a cooling fan thermo switch that works at 195F because there is less risk of damage to parts if the area gets hot. Conversely, drivers who keep sensitive engine upgrades may prefer to go with a 185F Spal switch kit to keep temps at a more consistent level.

Since they turn on automatically, they also turn off automatically. The Spal switch kit signals the fan to begin working when it hits its preset level but it will not stay on forever. Once the temperature inside the engine compartment reaches 20 degrees lower than the preset the fan will turn off on its own. This is a distinct advantage for all drivers but especially for those who race. There is no need to push a button to turn off the Spal switch kit or worry that it is draining amps. It is an energy-efficient setup that will not blow fuses or short circuit.

Each cooling fan thermo switch is assembled to withstand extreme temps. They are hermetically sealed and made of stainless steel. Due to the turbulent environment a cooling fan switch functions in, lesser materials can cause components to crack or melt. A Spal fan kit displays an operating range between 35F and 480F, allowing it to endure all seasons and driving situations.

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