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The goal of a Spal truck fan is to provide effective cooling for engine parts. When your pickup is traveling at slow speeds for an extended period of time, it can cause overheating. Installing a Spal truck fan is an easy way to combat extreme temps and return them to a normal level. Trucks are more vulnerable to cooling issues because they are often caught behind in traffic, given their size. This can especially become a problem with trucks that house V8 engines. But whichever type of engine your hauler possesses, Spal truck fans come in plenty of options for you to choose from.

If you are searching for an auxiliary truck fan, there are different styles to consider. One attribute to take into account is the style of blade. One of the most popular blade types is curved. Auxiliary truck fans with curved blades demonstrate a high amount of performance while not emitting a very loud sound. Straight blades are another common choice. These blades offer direct power that move the air in a concise pathway towards your radiator fan shroud or oil cooler. However, auxiliary truck fans with straight blades usually make a lot of noise. Although, if the engine sound is loud or you have an exhaust, you may not notice it.

Where to place an auxiliary truck fan is the most important factor. The first place drivers go for is the radiator, since it is key to overall vehicular temperature. In most modern trucks, there is enough space to safely mount an electric truck radiator fan without the brackets interfering with other components. If space is limited, it is still no problem. Spal USA concentrates on their products being slim and compact. You should have more than enough clearance to fit an auxiliary truck fan complete with wiring and the relay harness.

You do not have to be a participant in the Camping Truck Series to enjoy the benefits of truck cooling accessories. Properly regulating the temperature of your oil cooler and intercooler is critical for good overall engine health. Selecting an electric truck radiator fan means your engine bay will not reach potentially damaging temperatures.

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