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V8 Engine Fan

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Top performance vehicles use a V8 engine fan to manage internal temps. There is a litany of fast cars out on the road capable of maintaining high speeds. These cars require extra care so their systems do not overheat, especially when housing all that extra power. Spal makes V8 engine fans that are designed to move air concisely in the direction of your choice. You can use one to cool off the radiator, turbo intercooler, trans lines, and oil cooler. In certain cases, drivers can use two V8 engine fans in separate locations for added results.

Oil and fluids are responsible for keeping your overall engine cooling system operating properly. When the temperature rises too high in the engine bay, fluids are in danger. A Spal high performance fan assists in maintaining proper viscosity that your fluids need to travel. Whether used for the radiator or oil cooler, a Spal high performance fan will immediately bring down the temperature to its proper level. This is especially prudent in cars that host V8 engines. A lot of times, these vehicles have a tendency to overheat because their drivers enjoy going fast. Between the engine emitting heat and the hoses burning up, temps can rise quickly.

With a Spal high performance fan, you will not have to worry about maintaining an effective traveling temperature in the engine compartment. Each Spal fan uses a sensor switch that does the work. You can find a switch kit that is set at either 185F or 195F. When the temp hits that point, the auto care cooling fan will turn on. It will not turn off until it is 20 degrees cooler than the preset.

Depending on your needs, Spal high performance fans are available in many sizes ranging from 7.5" in diameter up to 16". The key is identifying the clearance necessary to mount one. If you run a turbo intercooler or installed an oil relocation kit, it is a good idea to measure first. Spal makes their auto care cooling fans slim in design to accommodate very tight spaces. Before installation, you have to get the required mounting brackets and wiring. They are not included with your auto care cooling fan to give you choice of wiring configuration.

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