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For all-around improvement over your factory clutch, Spec produces their clutch kits in many different styles to support a wide variety of applications. Each Spec clutch kit is specific to what type of driving is done and the amount of torque that specific vehicle has. Every performance clutch kit is designed for all sorts of applications that include daily driving, racing vehicles and high performance street vehicles. The Spec clutch kit is offered in more than 5 different types that range from OEM replacement to extreme high performance applications.

Included in every Spec clutch kit is a clutch disc, pressure plate and bearing and tool kit. These are the necessary parts that make up each of their performance clutch kits. This is the best way to go since they match each part to make the best performance clutch kit for your application. It is tricky pairing a pressure plate with a clutch disc from different manufacturers since they have not been tested together. Every clutch wears out at some point, even if it is driven very carefully. The surface of the disc and flywheel are not meant to last forever.

The Stage 1 clutch is a performance clutch kit that supports all types of driving including street, drag, drift, road racing, pulling and autocross. It has a wide temperature range and can operate under any conditions. This Spec clutch kit is perfect as an OEM replacement clutch kit and offers nearly the same pedal feel, but with stronger materials that are more durable and lasts longer.

For added torque, the Spec Stage 2 clutch is their next performance clutch kit that can handle higher amounts of torque that the Stage 1 cannot, and also lasts longer. This Spec clutch kit is designed for autocross, pulling, drag racing and street racing vehicles. Whether you have a heavy duty truck with added torque or a small sport compact vehicle to use at the race track, this performance clutch kit will not disappoint.

The Stage 2+ clutch kit from Spec clutch bridges the gap between Stage 2 and Stage 3, to offer slightly more torque capacity. If the Stage 2 performance clutch kit does not meet your torque needs, but the Stage 3 is too much, then this Spec clutch kit is perfect for you. It is designed for the same types of driving as Stage 2 as well.

Rated at 680 ft-lbs of torque, the Stage 3 Spec clutch kit is for owners that are really looking for a performance clutch kit capable of handling their needs. This clutch kit not only performs well, but it will not prematurely wear out. This kit will able to put the power to your wheels so you can get the most from your engine. A high powered automobile is nothing if the power cannot be translated to the wheels through the clutch and driveline.

Although rough, the Spec Stage 3 clutch kit still has a manageable engagement so it is not too harsh on the driver. This is essentially the flagship performance clutch kit from Spec and is perfect for any type of driving that the owner does. Of course it is not designed for vehicles with minimal power, but more so for vehicles that high amounts of torque.

Stage 4 and Stage 5 performance clutch kits are designed to handle extreme amounts of torque that are not good for street driving since they are too harsh and the pedal is very strong. A performance clutch kit of this nature can handle extreme heat without warping and is not recommended for driving long periods due to how harsh it is. High performance drag racing vehicles typically use these types of clutches since they are not used for more than ten seconds.

Every performance clutch kit is designed for each specific vehicle so no modifications need to be done. Not only does the entire clutch kit need to be used, but the flywheel should be checked as well. Typically, when the clutch disc is being replaced, it is recommended to either resurface the flywheel or upgrade to a stronger one which will aid in power handling capabilities.