clutch and driveline

Spec Clutch Break-In

clutch & driveline

Selecting your Spec clutch kit and installing it is just the beginning to having a great performing clutch. Before you can use your brand new clutch to its full potential, it must be broken in properly to ensure a flat surface on the friction disc. A Spec clutch that is not broken in properly will cause vibrations and it will wear out extremely quick.

The Spec clutch break in period is roughly 500 miles of city driving. It would be best to break in your new Spec performance clutch in stop and go traffic so the clutch and driveline goes through the constant motions needed. The Spec break in period can also last for 1000 miles if you want to be extra cautious.

Normal take offs, no launches and proper shifts through all gears will allow everything to mate together, especially if you have replaced the clutch and flywheel, or have a resurfaced flywheel. No hard launches should be done as this will allow the clutch to slip. All Spec flywheels are balanced as well so you do not have to worry about major vibrations during the clutch break in period.

You might also notice some clutch chatter through the Spec break in period as well. This will most likely go away after the Spec clutch kit is fully broken in and the surfaces mate to each other. If you fail to break in your performance clutch properly, the chatter will never go away either.