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Spec Clutch Warranty

clutch & driveline

Exclusive to Spec clutch is their great warranty, which is not found with any other clutch manufacturer. The Spec clutch warranty includes a guarantee replacement if the clutch breaks from normal driving and is used based of the torque ratings. If the clutch kit breaks for any reason drag racing, launching on the track or just everyday driving, they will replace it free of charge.

Normal wear and tear is not backed by any company since clutch discs and flywheels are a wear and tear item. The Spec warranty is only for the actual disc breaking for any reasons possible. They have made this warranty for their Spec clutch kit because they are designed never to break or fail. It also gives consumers peace of mind that if it does break, the company stands behind its product.

It is also required that the installation is perfect and proper break-in period is done. If neither of these is done, the clutch kit warranty will be voided. Proper break-in of the Spec clutch kit is recommended at about 500 miles of light driving. Once the broken clutch is received by Spec, they can immediately tell the reason for why it broke. Most of the time, this is due to improper installation by the user.

Spec clutches should never fail, except for two reasons which is the owner's responsibility. If you properly install the clutch and properly break it in, the Spec warranty will remain intact and will save you whenever a problem may arise.