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Spec Multi-Disc Clutch

clutch & driveline

In the case that a single disc Spec clutch kit is not enough to handle your power, than the Spec multi-disc clutch is your other option. The single disc Spec clutch kit is the most popular, but as the torque increases, so does the clutch pedal strength and it can be rough on the leg. The Spec multi disc clutch is incorporates both a full-race clutch with the ability for the user to drive it on the street without the rough and harsh engagement that is needed for racing applications.

Capable of handling more power due to more than one clutch disc, the Spec multi-disc clutch has more surface area is being clamped. Sometimes there are two discs and sometimes there are three discs, depending on the Spec clutch kit itself and how it is designed. The Spec clutch kit is a perfect component for the clutch and driveline that will offer the driver a great driving experience during the work commute and an awesome setup for the track on the weekend.

How great would it be to have a full-race clutch that can not only perform to your liking at the track, but will also benefit you on the street and not be too harsh? Well, the Spec multi-disc clutch kit does just that. Not all vehicles are meant just for the weekend, and having just a weekend warrior is a bit pricey along with having a vehicle to drive around town. The Spec clutch kit gives owners the opportunity to have a hybrid-like clutch that is unlike a single disc clutch.

Since upgrading the clutch is one of the most efficient ways of improving your vehicle, selecting the proper one for your clutch and driveline is crucial. Quality should always be kept in mind and it is never lost when upgrading to a Spec clutch kit. Although pricey, the Spec multi-disc clutch kit is the best of both worlds and it will save you a lot of money from buying a vehicle to drive around town. When you purchase a Spec clutch kit, you are not just paying for the name, rather the quality of the build and components used. Not to mention, they last longer than other aftermarket clutches.

Spec clutch kit problems only arise through improper installation or improper break-in. A properly broken-in Spec clutch kit will allow the user to get the most from it. The Spec multi-disc clutch needs to be broken in just like a single disc clutch would be so the friction pads can sit flush. Ripping apart the clutch and driveline to replace the clutch you just installed is not a fun time as it can be avoided with proper use. About 500 miles of normal driving should do the trick, but if you want to be extra cautious you can baby the clutch until 1000 miles.

Another great quality about this Spec clutch kit with more than one clutch disc is the ability to rebuild certain components. This can be done by the company itself or for the knowledgeable owner. Single clutch discs cannot be repaired and must be replaced. You can save yourself some dollars by repairing certain parts on the Spec clutch kit and bring it back to like-new condition.

There is no chance of the Spec multi-disc clutch breaking either due to its aircraft grade aluminum and high carbon billet steel design. These components are designed to withstand the high temperatures associated with the clutch and driveline and will bounce back immediately for the next upshift or downshift. A clutch that is too hot cannot transfer the power to the wheels and will lack performance.

Match your Spec clutch kit with one of their billet flywheels to give your clutch and driveline the ultimate setup. You will never look back once you have this combination as it provides your vehicle with quality components that you can rely on. It does not matter if you have a vehicle with very little performance upgrades or a vehicle with extreme horsepower, the Spec clutch kit is designed to fit each of these and benefit them at the same time.