clutch and driveline

Spec Stage 2+ Clutch

clutch & flywheel

In the middle of Stage 2 and Stage 3 is the Spec Stage 2+ clutch. This aftermarket clutch bridges the gap and provides 15%-20% more power handling capabilities than the Stage 2 clutch kit. While handling more torque, it is not as rough at the next stage and is easier on the leg for everyday driving. This Spec clutch is great for street racing, drag racing, autocross and pulling applications.

Drivability is always a factor when upgrading to a performance clutch. Some The Stage 2+ clutch does not put extreme wear on your leg through every shift. It has a stock-like pedal feel, with it just being a bit stronger due to the strength of the Spec clutch kit.

Any Spec clutch that handles more torque than this will have a much stronger pedal feel and will be hard on your leg. You can take your vehicle to work during the week and to the track on the weekends when using the Spec clutch stage 2 kit.

Using a Spec steel flywheel with this performance clutch kit will only increase the strength of your vehicle's clutch and driveline. This Spec performance clutch must be used with their specific flywheels for proper engagement, or else your clutch disc will not work.

Each components of the clutch kit is heat treated so it can handle all types of temperatures. When the clutch is used in high performance racing, it will heat up to excessive temperatures and the various components need to handle this.