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Lowering their car for enthusiasts isn't just about performance and handling, it's more of a lifestyle. Of course lowering springs provide an increase in handling and can allow the car to take sharper turns, but that's just an added benefit to most. Lowering a car is an art form and Eibach lowering springs provide the tuning ability needed. Their products allow for the user to customize the look of his or her vehicle. Lowering springs will tighten up suspension travel as well.

The car enthusiast industry is very popular. Not only do users like to go fast, but they want to be as low as possible to the ground. Some of them even drive everyday while scraping on bumps and potholes. Lowering springs are designed to replace the factory springs and provide an increase in handling and drivability. This is done by reducing the wheel gap and the car then has a lower center of gravity. Eibach springs have many different types of springs to accommodate any enthusiast. Their lowering springs include pro-kit and sportline. The pro-kit from Eibach lowering springs gives the vehicle a minimal drop of about an inch or so. This is perfect for users who drive on harsh roads and just want some improved handling with a reduction in wheel gap. The sportline kit gives the vehicles about an inch and a half drop and will provide better handling but can also be harmful to the underside. Eibach lowering springs are used by both high performance and street driven vehicles.

Getting the right suspension setup can take time and money. Matching the right set of springs with the right set of wheels is always a task. Lowering springs paired with the right set of wheels can make for a show stopper. The lower the better is the motto for some car enthusiasts. Eibach lowering springs can be had in adjustable to make the vehicle as low as possible. Drivers do not mind scraping their exhaust or other parts underneath their vehicle. The look that lowering springs provide is all they want. More money is also needed when going very low. More suspension components are needed like control arms and camber kits. Eibach springs offers complete suspension kits for specific vehicles.

The community for lowered vehicles is becoming larger. Originally meant for better handling and drivability, lowering springs are used to drop the car as much as possible. Drivability is not a factor for some. Eibach lowering springs can drop the car as much as two inches. This is appealing to enthusiasts who are not concerned with a bumpy ride. With a car that is very low, the ride will be harsh and at times be unbearable. Lowering springs designed for improved handling like the pro-kit have a very comfortable and factory like ride.

Most of the lowest vehicles are found out west or where the roads are in good shape. Areas in the northeast do not have the best roads and will wreak havoc on an extremely lowered vehicle. States like California and Florida have the best conditions for these types of vehicles. Lowering springs are used by every enthusiast in those areas. They can also drive their vehicles year round.

Removing suspension components and custom fabrication are used when lowering the vehicle with suspension springs. The lower a vehicle becomes the more problems it can occur. The shock absorber may hit the control arm or the control arm may hit the shock tower. It all becomes trial and error. Repairs to the underbody of the vehicle will sometimes be needed as well. Road debris has a greater opportunity at affecting the car. Even with all the options considered lowering springs are still used by every car enthusiast.

The price of lowering springs isn't all that bad. The pro-kit and sportline from Eibach lowering springs can run a couple of hundred dollars. Installation is easy as well. The pro-kit lowering springs are designed for use with the factory shock absorbers since they do not lower the vehicle that much. The sportline lowering springs suggest an upgrade to aftermarket shocks. Eibach lowering springs are the number one choice for performance suspension parts.