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Eibach Suspension Springs

Eibach Suspention Springs

A vehicle's suspension is designed to handle the car's weight and provide handling and comfortability. Upgrading your car's coil springs to aftermarket springs will provide an enhanced look and improve drivability. Aftermarket suspension components can tighten up turns and improve handling at higher speeds. All that added horsepower and torque is no good without the proper suspension setup.

A car's appearance is just as important as its drivability. Eibach springs offer some of the best suspension components in the industry today. They have been perfecting automotive suspension parts for many years. Eibach springs are found on high performance race cars in F1 and NASCAR racing. Their brand is recognized worldwide and their products are second to none. The automotive aftermarket suspension industry is packed with products from so many different companies. Eibach springs is the one company that anyone can rely on. All of their products are treated with corrosion protection to outlast the competition and provide years of quality driving for the vehicle.

If appearance is your goal, Eibach springs will provide just what you are looking for. Their automotive suspension components are offered to replace nearly any part on the vehicle. Automotive coil springs are what keeps the car balanced and creates the comfortable ride. Eibach springs offer two types of coil springs: pro-kit and sportline. The pro-kit suspension coil springs lower the car by about an inch or so depending on the vehicle. It gives the car a more aggressive look. The sportline coil springs lower the car about an inch and a half depending on the application. This provides an even more aggressive look than the pro-kit. Eibach springs' pro-kit can be installed using the car's factory shocks while the sportline kit is designed for use with aftermarket shocks. Lowering any vehicle with just coil springs will decrease the life expectancy of the shock absorbers. Factory shock absorbers are meant to work with factory coil springs. To prevent blowing a shock, upgrade the suspension's shock absorbers during the process. Eibach springs also come in coil-over kits. These suspension systems replace both the vehicle's spring and shock. The coil-over suspension kit can be tuned to the drivers liking. Ride height and damping adjustments are available on these kits. The coil spring and shock are designed to work perfectly with each other from the company. This is an ideal setup for someone who drives their vehicle during the week and takes it to the track on the weekend. These kits use a simple wrench to make for easy adjustments on the go.

Decreasing the gap between the body of the car and the wheel is what some people use aftermarket coil springs for. Others use it for performance. Eibach springs are designed to lower the vehicle with improved handling. A vehicle lower to the road surface will be able to corner better. Eibach springs improve the ride by giving the driver a more in control feeling. Body roll is reduced when cornering and gas mileage can also increase. Owners who like to track their car will benefit from lower springs. The lowest center of gravity possible is needed when going around turns on a race track while trying to achieve the best time. Too much air under the car will counteract and reduce the speed. One thing to take into consideration when lowering the vehicle is having the proper alignment. When a vehicle is lowered on Eibach springs, the alignment of the vehicle will be altered. This can sometimes create negative camber. Negative camber isn't so great for the vehicle. Not only will the car handle differently, but tire wear will be increase. Positive or negative camber is when the vehicle's tire does not sit flush with the road surface. An Eibach springs' camber kit will solve this issue. The aftermarket camber kit is fully adjustable. The wheel can then be adjusted to the right alignment specifications.

Lowering the car is just the beginning to an upgraded automotive suspension. Eibach springs manufacturers other products like sway bars and shock absorbers. The job for the vehicle's ant-roll sway bar is to prevent body roll and provide increased handling performance. Eibach springs' anti-roll bars are available for nearly any car and can be had for the front and the rear. The sway bar is designed thicker than the factory sway bar. Taking sharp corners at a high speed will be made easy with these anti-sway bars. Automotive shock absorbers are just as important as coil springs. Eibach springs' shock absorbers are used for high performance handling and a controlled ride. The comfort of the ride will also be enhanced. These shock absorbers work great paired with the Eibach springs' pro-kit or sportline coil springs. Polyurethane bushings are included with the sway bars making for great reliability and longevity.

Drag race coil springs are also available through Eibach springs. These automotive suspension springs are suited for hard drag racing. They provide an increase in weight transfer throughout the vehicle when launching off the line. The result from this setup is a quicker quarter mile time. Their drag-launch line of competition suspension coil springs enables the car to create traction with a high performance engine.