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When you lower your vehicle, negative camber is increased which makes the top of your wheels sink in. Increased negative camber creates increased tire wear and poor drivability. H&R camber bolts allow you to adjust this camber to your liking. These H&R accessories are able to adjust your camber from 0 to 3 degrees, positive or negative. H&R makes their products strong and durable so they perform much better than competitors.

Alignment is a big factor when you lower your vehicle. As soon as it is lowered, the alignment will be out and so will the camber. H&R camber bolts are the simplest and easiest way of fixing the camber on your vehicle and you can also increase the camber if you need to. Negative camber is needed on some high performance vehicles because it helps with cornering. H&R parts are also perfect for fixing existing negative camber that cannot be done through a four-wheel alignment.

A computerized alignment does not always put the vehicle back into perfect alignment specifications. Using H&R adjusters will allow you to tweak the camber and get it just the way you want it. There is no factory camber adjustment bolts on vehicle that come from the factory which is why H&R have designed these. H&R produces them for literally any vehicle that needs some type of camber adjustment.

You would be surprised at how much a little product from H&R will benefit your suspension. It is very cheap for what it does and will last forever. It installs within minutes and adjusts your camber with a simple turn of the bolt. H&R parts will allow your tires to wear naturally and make driving much more enjoyable.