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The term "coilover" is short for "coil spring over shock" and is used my most car enthusiasts. An H&R coilover system is comprised of a coil spring and a shock that has been matched together to give your car improved control and performance. H&R coilovers are completely adjustable and include progressive springs along with performance shocks so you can take your car anywhere. H&R tests each coil spring with the specific shock as well so they create a perfect match.

Using this kit from H&R takes the guessing work out of finding the right setup for your vehicle since they have done this for you. With over three different types of products, H&R provides a kit for daily driving or high performance racing. Having an adjustable suspension from H&R for your daily driver will benefit you in bad weather conditions as well as uneven road surfaces.

Using just their coil springs can sometimes pose a problem because you need to match the right aftermarket shock in order for them to perform at their best. Installing H&R coilovers provides your vehicle with the best setup since this is already done for you. However, since this is a kit, if the shock were to leak then the entire assembly would need to be replaced and could be expensive. If you are just using H&R coil springs, you would only need to replace the shock and not both.

They will also be pre-assembled from H&R which prevents you from needing various specialty tools in order to do this. A spring compressor is needed to fit the spring over the shock since it needs to be compressed. The only thing you need it tools and knowledge for the actual install.