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If you have ever ridden in a German vehicle like BMW or Volkswagen, than you know how tight the suspension is. Well, H&R coilovers are designed by a company that is based in Germany and will bring your car better performance. H&R started by producing their components for high performance race vehicles that needed a quality setup and eventually designed products for most vehicles that are made today. You can make your Honda handle like a BMW when upgrading to components from H&R.

Their adjustable coilovers are built from German standards that are used in race cars throughout the world. Using any H&R kit will provide you with a comfortable ride so you can navigate the sharpest turns. There is nothing they cannot do and are designed with progressive coils so they can easily adapt to any road condition. Once you have installed the H&R kit, it will feel like an entirely new vehicle.

H&R is one of the few suspension companies that are based out of Germany and can provide your vehicle with such quality components. They supply the aftermarket suspension industry with all types of styles that include adjustable shock damping as well so you can set your ride comfort to soft or firm. Having such versatility makes H&R stand out from, not to mention how long their products last. H&R coilovers resist against all weather conditions and harmful chemicals to they can give you performance and reliability for many years.

The Germans really know how to engineer the proper suspension components since most race cars came from that area. H&R has managed to produce a wide array of components that will take your vehicle to the next level in both control and performance.