H&R springs


H&R Suspension

If you are looking to lower your vehicle a little, but have factory equipped air suspension, than the H&R ETS is what you need. This product from H&R allows you to lower your car by 40mm to give it a better appearance and drivability. Sometimes the gap between the fender and wheel is just too much and H&R will decrease this gap by up to 40mm.

One of the great qualities about this H&R item is that it allows the car to retain the factory height adjustment switch and there is no additional switch needed. Once you have the H&R ETS installed, all you need to do is use the factory switch and lower the vehicle to your liking. This will be perfect if you have bigger aftermarket wheels and want a more aggressive look. H&R makes it very easy to install with no cutting or wire splicing required.

The electronic lowering system from H&R works like it came from the factory when installed. It is also very easy to remove and you wouldn't even be able to notice if it was even there. The car's center of gravity will be much lower which makes for more stability control and better handling. H&R suspension parts will stand up to the outside elements as well and last as long as you need them to.

This product from H&R does not give the vehicle an extreme drop, only 40mm, so if you want something that lowers your car even more, you will have to check out their coilovers. Coilovers are much harder to install however, with this part from H&R being plug-n-play for a quick install.