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Lowering your vehicle will bring a great appearance to your car. H&R lowering springs come in various styles that will lower your vehicle anywhere from a half inch all the way to three inches for those that are extreme tuners. Choose from H&R OE sport, sport, super sport and race springs to accommodate your vehicle and the style of driving you do.

Most cars from the factory have a huge gap between the wheel and the fender which takes away from the appearance. H&R has designed their products to reduce this gap and make the car look more aggressive. If you like to go extremely low, than the super sport kit from H&R is for you since it lowers the car more than two inches. H&R lowering springs also product a product that is similar to stock, but with a mild drop of about a half inch. This gives the car a sporty feel along with a decrease in wheel gap.

Their coil springs resist against corrosion so they can provide your car with that aggressive look for a very long time. You can also use the H&R kit with your stock shocks so no other upgrades will be needed, depending on the application. The lower you go with H&R parts, the more chance there is of alignment issues and negative camber must always be checked.

You can upgrade to H&R components even if you do not drive the car, but just use it for show purposes. Their parts are made from the highest quality materials and look great when installed. With their wide range of products, you can select the height at which you want your ride to sit.