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Whenever you remove and replace the coil springs on your vehicle with H&R lowering springs, it is crucial to make sure alignment is back into specs after the install. Lowering your car with H&R products makes for an easy install, but you also need to finish the job and make sure there is not too much negative camber. Negative camber always occurs when you use H&R parts.

Depending on what product you use from H&R, each one of them will give your vehicle different alignment issues. You may not even has issues when using their OE sport coil springs since they do not lower the car by that much. However, if you use the super sport, then you will definitely need an alignment and H&R camber bolts to adjust the camber.

A four-wheel alignment will put your vehicle back into specifications after you have installed H&R components. Other things like the caster or toe might be out of specs as well, but they can be adjusted depending on the vehicle. Once you have the proper alignment along with your H&R lowering springs, you will be able to experience a comfortable and sporty ride. Proper alignment will also allow the tires to last longer after you have installed H&R.

There are also some extreme tuners out there that like to ride with negative camber because it allows the vehicle to go even lower. Since some of H&R products lower the vehicle up to three inches, negative camber must always be used if you want to go that low. Driving with too much negative camber will put extreme wear on the tires, but most tuners are aware and do not mind this.