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Tightening up your vehicle's suspension is good for many reasons and H&R offers several components that will do just this. H&R suspension offers sway bars, lowering springs, camber bolts, coilovers and other suspension accessories that will replace your current OEM parts. They are all designed to give the driver more control of the vehicle and experience a better ride. H&R products can be used for daily driving or on the race track.

Since the body of your vehicle is completely controlled by your suspension, it is necessary to have the right setup that you want. Most OEM products do not provide control that drivers want. H&R supplies vehicle-specific components that directly replace each part and benefits your car in one way or another. You can use H&R lowering springs to get a better stance with increased control or use H&R coilovers to adjust your ride height which is great all year round.

Every H&R suspension components are built to withstand the outside elements as well since rust is very common on parts underneath the vehicle. H&R builds them with quality materials that can also withstand the test of time and last longer than other aftermarket parts. H&R offers several different types of lowering components that will give your vehicle a small drop or an extreme drop.

The appearance of your vehicle will also be enhanced with H&R components since your car will be lower and the design of them is very unique. Most of them are either coated in black or silver which makes them pop and stand out to give your vehicle a show car look.