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H&R Premium Performance Coilovers

H&R Suspension

This system from H&R combines a black-coated shock with a red progressive spring to provide both performance and looks. H&R premium performance coilovers weigh much less than your factory struts so you can shed some weight off the vehicle. In certain applications, the H&R kit weighs up to 40% less, which is a decent amount of weight to lose at each corner of your car.

Reduced weight allows for better performance when cornering and this kit from H&R is most beneficial when used on high performance vehicles. It offers up to a two and a half inch drop so you can get your vehicle lower to the ground for more control and stability. H&R components are great for at the track and car show since they combine looks and performance for the ultimate setup.

Each product is under ISO and German TUV standards so you can rely on their quality. Every set of adjustable coilovers that is offered from H&R falls under these strict guidelines and are built for longevity and to resist against corrosion. The black anodized shock is extremely appealing and performs just as well as it looks. H&R premium performance coilovers are designed for each specific vehicle so fitment is always going to be spot-on.

The weight is reduced due to the aluminum shock bodies that they are made from. H&R is very different in this way because not many companies can build strong aluminum suspension parts. They have perfected the aluminum shock so that they mimic your current struts in terms of strength and durability. Using progressive spring rates, H&R provides extreme comfort for any type of road condition.