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These adjustable coilovers from H&R are designed specifically for extreme race conditions and not ideal for vehicle that are driven every day. H&R RSS coilovers use stiff coil springs that can stand up the grueling twists and turns associated with trace racing. This set from H&R provides flat cornering along with extreme directional control so you can take those sharp turns without experiencing any body roll.

This is a more aggressive setup than their other products and would be harsh on the rider if used for everyday driving. The stiff springs along with the aggressive shock valving make this kit perfect for extreme motorsports. H&R RSS coilovers lower the car a little more than two inches, which makes this setup good for track use and for someone who is not looking to slam their car to the ground. H&R uses quality materials so their parts will hold up to all types of weather conditions.

This is actually the firmest setup offered from H&R and compromises ride comfort for increased handling. You cannot have both ride comfort and superior handling if you are looking for the perfect track setup and you must let go of some comfort in order for this to happen. This H&R kit provides the most vehicle feedback for the driver and he or she can dial in the ride height that they want.

Both the H&R spring and shock have been designed to work on conjunction with each other to provide your car with the most performance. They also look extremely appealing through their silver shocks and red springs so you can attract some eyes on the race track. H&R components are known for their superior handling and performance, along with closing that gap between your wheel and fender.