H&R springs

H&R RSS Plus Coilovers

H&R Suspension

This set from H&R is the ultimate setup for your track racing needs. There is literally nothing these adjustable coilovers do not offer and they will benefit you in the curves and twists by providing the stability and control you want. The H&R RSS+ coilovers are made for high end vehicles that will be used for extreme racing and need nothing short of perfection. The aluminum mono-tube design makes these H&R components very light and strong as well.

They are completely adjustable so you can dial in the right height that you want for the ultimate performance. Height is crucial on the track since a lower center of gravity will allow you to have more control and stability of the car. H&R RSS+ coilovers have been covered in a black anodized material that prevents against any corrosion, not to mention how well they look. H&R have designed their components to stand out from the rest and be what every race enthusiast turns to.

These are the top of the line products from H&R and nothing is sacrificed. They are engineered for extremely high end vehicles like the Audi R8 which is among the world's supercars. The damping adjustment found on each one of these allows the set to tune itself between rebound and compression to make for extreme balance and control. H&R is the one company you can rely on when you need the perfect track setup.

These are the perfect solution for your track needs since they are never too soft, but never too harsh. H&R uses progressive springs which helps out on all types of road surfaces so the vehicle will see reduced body roll along with enhance control.