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These lowering springs from H&R are the perfect combination of ride height and comfortability so you can drive on all types of surfaces. They typically lower the vehicle an inch and a half on average which gives the vehicle a lower center of gravity. H&R sport springs reduce the body roll associated with your OEM springs so your tires will last longer and you can have better control of the car. H&R produces them for nearly every car and make a perfect replacement.

They have all the features of the H&R OE sport springs but will lower your vehicle up to an inch more for a more aggressive look. The gap between your wheel and fender will be decreased even more and give your vehicle a show car look. H&R designs them as progressive springs which give the car more control over your factory linear springs.

You are able to still use your factory shocks with this kit from H&R, but they will wear out quicker and you will eventually need replacements. The best setup would be with aftermarket shocks but most users will just keep their factory ones. Using these components from H&R may also require a camber kit or camber bolts to correct negative camber. The vehicle will also need an alignment after installing these H&R sport springs.

Gas mileage may also be increased with this kit from H&R because a lower vehicle will reduce wind resistance. A vehicle that sits high off the ground is held back by the wind which will decrease gas mileage. H&R makes your vehicle fun to drive again and are the one suspension upgrade everyone should do.